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The brewery Industry in Cameroon is composed of the following companies:

- Guinness Cameroon SA (GCSA)

- The Group Société Anonyme de Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC)

- Union Camerounaise des Brasseries (UCB)

- La société Camerounaise de Fermentations (FERMENCAM)

- La Société de Fabrication des Vins du Cameroun (SOFAVINC)

- ADIC (African Distilling Company SA)

- Boissons vins & spiritueux (BVS) production Cameroun SA.

These companies are essential partners of the State in the development of the country, particularly in the areas of economic growth, employment and social development. Founded in 1972, UCB is one of the pioneers in the Brewery Industry, currently producing & marketing three brands of beer, five brands of soft drinks and mineral water. Reviewing its journey from about a decade ago when its market share was just about 2%, we started by conducting a market survey to find out the opinions of the customers and consumers about the company and its products.

Based on the feedback, our initial concern was the quality of our products followed by our relationship with the customers. We knew quite well that we didn’t have to be great to start, but that we had to start in order to be great. Action was not a choice but a necessity. In 2011, we defined vision 2015. By early 2016, we came up with vision 2020 and today, we are already working on vision 2025. Each vision statement is a five year projection of the company in terms of where it wants to be. It centers on growing its market share, stakeholders satisfaction, quality products and services, and social responsibility.

At intervals, there are quarterly performance reviews to identify gaps and come up with corrective action plans for the way forward. We are glad today to state that we’ve come a long way from about 2.35% market share in 2009 to about 15% market share in mid 2019. Now reckoned with as one of the major actors in the Brewery Industry, we are conscious of the fact that the journey has just begun. We believe strongly in continuous improvement and that each stage of our achievement serves as a base to launch the company to a higher level. We are aware that it is more difficult to remain on top than to get there.

As the market becomes more and more competitive, with dynamic and aggressive strategies, our only choice is to work harder and smarter in order to remain very relevant. It is our resolve to continue to invest on innovation while adapting to our environment, building human capital and customers/consumers loyalty as well as aligning to International Quality Standards.

We are determined to put in more energy, time, resources and sacrifice.

AJEWOLE ADEBAYO, Managing Director

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