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In a drive to meet market demand for her products and achieve world class manufacturing status, UCB has since about five years ago embarked on a strategy to optimize and expand its production of Beer, Soft drinks and Water. This has been ongoing through the transformation of an old brewery into a modern and robust one with an upgrade in capacity to satisfy its consumers who are increasingly interested in its products. With health and safety being a watchdog, the brewery has embarked on manufacturing systems implementation and ERP systems upgrade, which has seen the implementation of ISO9001: 2015 and SAP HANA4 implementation. UCB is also embarking on people development through the job trainings and external training to ensure that its workforce is equipped to execute their daily activities.

Within five years the production unit has been modernized from an old brewery of 25 000 crates packaging per day to a capacity of about 90 000 crates per day. Its Brewing, Utilities and Packaging units which are being transformed and modernized have tripled their capacity more than before hence creating opportunities to produce all the products, thereby satisfying consumers who have unquenchable taste for UCB quality products. In order to satisfy her consumers and to ensure safety of her workforce, the brewery has as cardinal points Quality, Safety, Integrity and Courage (working tools in her daily activities). A zealous Security, Health and Safety team has been trained and awareness built up on daily basis to uphold this working tool. A robust and well trained Quality Assurance team has also been put in place to ensure the products and processes are under control at each stage in the brewery. Above all, the brewery is undergoing a Quality Assurance policy in a bit to be ISO Certified. With this package put together, the brewery is able to face both National and International Standards and can be able to face the other rivalry Food Processing Companies.

Her human Resources is also undergoing transformation as Recruitment is carefully selected based on merits and competence from process operations to technical support team. Where gaps are identified especially in quantity and quality, management without hesitation carries out appropriate actions either in areas of training, coaching, and replacements. These resources are sufficiently supplied with the necessary tools and equipment that will always make their working conditions and environments user friendly. Above all, efforts are made to avoid extra working hours to let them enjoy Work-Life-Balance. With these tools put in place so far and the relentless efforts that management is craving to make this brewery a better one, we can say without mincing words that UCB in the next five years will be one of the best Food Processing companies in Cameroon in terms productivity and Quality. A Place to be proud to work for.

Mr. LAWANI SEGUN, Director of the Factory

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