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By Mrs Lucie SANGAM,

President of the Fu’a Toula KADJI DEFOSSO Foundation 

UCB owes its success to the loyalty of its consumers who consider the company as their heritage. The Patriarch Joseph Kadji Defosso expected through the foundation he created, to express his gratitude to his community and the population as a whole.


Mr. AJEWOLE shared this sentiment without any reserve. For him, supporting the foundation in improving the well-being of Cameroonians was more than a duty,
it was a mission.


It was an honour for him to be present at all ceremonies involving the company, especially those with a social component. The closing ceremony of the Quality Back to School campaign was a perfect example.


He came to offer his services, to make sure that we would be up to the consideration given to us by the teaching staff and the Minister of Secondary Education. His presence and courtesy enabled us to reassure our stakeholders of the importance UCB attached to this campaign. His commitment, which was shared by the Foundation, made the campaign one of the most important events in the Cameroonian school and secondary education landscape.


He gladly accompanied Cameroonian women during the International Women’s Rights Day in a special way. This was an opportunity for him to emphasize skills development. He ensured that the International Women‘s Scholarship Day (IWSD) campaign, which offers scholarships to women aged 20-45, was a success for all parties.


Similarly, he ensured that arrangements were made for the success of the traditional ‘Christmas Gift Day’ to give the children of Kadji Group employees a magical moment, a reason to be proud of their parents.

He was always available and ready to listen when it came to showing solidarity but he knew how to courteously express the limits of UCB.


Mr. AJEWOLE ADEBAYO set out to understand Cameroonians, to identify the levers to be raised to actively participate in their well-being. He thus became, a son of the soil.

For the Fu’a Toula KADJI DEFOSSO Foundation, he embodied the values that we promote: effort in work, support for people in difficulty, and excellence in our actions. He was an orchestrator that enabled UCB’s music to resonate loudly on the national scene.


The Choirmaster has gone, but his music lives within us: Well done, dear DG!

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