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January, 2024


Managing Director SCC

Société des Céréales du Cameroun (SCC) is a company that recognizes the importance of innovation and expansion for driving growth and success.  


In order to achieve these goals, the company is investing in overhauling and buying new laboratory equipment to improve its capacity and quality. One of the key strategic initiatives for SCC is focused on innovation. By upgrading its laboratory equipment, the company aims to enhance its ability to develop and produce high-quality products. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also allow the company to stay competitive in the market.  

In addition to innovation, SCC is also expanding its market presence. The company has entered new regions such as East, Adamoua, North, and Far North. These untapped markets present a significant opportunity for growth and expansion. By expanding into these regions, the company can reach new customers and increase its market share both in the local market and in the neighboring countries such as Chad and Central Africa Republic.


Apart from expanding its markets, the company has embarked on multiple expansion projects such as Storage Silos, and additional Milling lines for both Wheat and Maize. By 2024, most of the expansion projects will bring additional revenue to the group.  


The implementation plan for these strategic initiatives involves a phased approach. Resources have been allocated to overhaul the existing Mill and also to procure laboratory equipment and ensure a smooth transition.


Timelines and dependencies will be carefully managed to ensure efficient implementation. Key milestones and deliverables will be established to track progress and ensure accountability.  The expected outcomes and benefits of these initiatives are significant. By improving its production capacity and product quality, SCC can meet the growing demand for quality products in the market. This will result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to potential revenue growth.  


Furthermore, entering new markets will expand the company’s customer base and diversify its revenue streams. This will reduce reliance on a single market and provide opportunities for sustainable growth.  


In conclusion, SCC is committed to driving growth and success through innovation and expansion. By investing in overhauling laboratory equipment and entering new markets, the company is positioning itself for long-term success. With a clear implementation plan and a focus on delivering high-quality products, SCC is confident in its ability to achieve its objectives.

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