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« Putting Smiles on Parents and Teachers Faces »

September, 2020


Brand Manager Kadji Beer

As a Cameroonian owned company, UCB is always proud to give back to communities.

The Kadji beer brand has always been on the frontline rewarding consumers with prizes that aim to ameliorate the well-being of its consumers. With Quality as key the pillar, we will continue to leverage on the wonderful relationship we have with our consumers to pull the nationalist string and support our consumers. We make sure that they get the best in terms of reward through promotional campaigns such as ‘Quality Back To School’.


There is a saying that goes by, “When you educate a child, it’s a nation you are building”. That is exactly what we have been doing with the Kadji beer brand and its ‘Quality Back To School’ campaign for the past 7 years. The brand has hugely invested in supporting loyal consumers who are equally parents in preparing every new school year. Our satisfaction is when we succeed in putting a smile on a parent's face as we reduce the burden of preparing a new back to school period. The campaign consists in supporting parents with thousands of school materials and millions of scholarships in cash.

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But ‘Quality Back To School’ is not just for parents. We have equally stood by the side of our valuable teachers who are an essential component in the education of our children. The Fu’a Toula Kadji Defosso Foundation has been a major backbone in this campaign with attribution of thousands of laptops to distinctive teachers in schools across the country. These laptops offered are intended to encourage teachers in modernizing their teaching methods and preparing their lessons, as well as building their own capabilities. Millions of scholarships have also been distributed to teachers from schools with outstanding results in the official baccalaureate examination. The Ministry of Secondary Education has since the beginning been committed to seeing that the deserved teachers are effectively those who are rewarded. The partnership is well established, and goes on.

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Quality, Reward and Patriotism are the core values of the Kadji beer brand and we make sure that our consumers experience each aspect of these words. We provide our consumers with high standard quality beer made in Cameroon, continue to invest in the social well-being of our consumer, and consolidate the solid brand affinity that exists with our consumers.


The Kadji beer brand has always put its consumers at the core of every investment carried on. Their satisfaction is our priority and as brand guardians, no effort is left behind in providing what is best for our consumers and customers.

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