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January, 2024


Research & Development Manager, UCB

Monde Selection, world leader of quality institutes for consumer products was founded in Belgium in 1961. It is run by the commercial company « International Institute for Quality Selections ». The Benefits from an incomparably strong experience and prides itself on being one of the oldest and having the most professional authorities in the evaluation of the quality of consumer products on the basis of organoleptic and scientific parameters. Each year, more than 3000 products from all over the world are sent for international recognition through the various prizes put into play by Monde Selection.

Because each category has its own requirements, it is judged separately by its own independent jury of experts, with each panel specializing in its field. These include:

  • Foodstuffs,

  • Beers,

  • Waters and

  • non-alcoholic beverages,

  • Spirits,

  • Dietary And Health Products and

  • Cosmetic products.


The advantages of Monde Selection Quality Award are the ultimate recognitions that guide consumers and buyers who are looking for the best through the following awards:

  • Grand Gold Medal Award

  • Gold Medal Award

  • Silver Medal Award

  • Bronze Medal


The Evaluation Process thus aims to provide the most impartial and independent evaluation. The quality of each beer is assessed by a panel of independent and renowned experts according to a very precise methodology and criteria. The Jury appointed by Monde Sélection for beer(s) evaluation is exclusively composed of zythologists and flavourists who are qualified professionals carefully selected for their skills and integrity.


For the 2023 edition, the Union Camerounaise de Brasseries (UCB), participating for her very first time through its flagship brand, Kadji beer, won the third prize, namely the Silver Medal. This award portrays the superior quality of our product and provides assurance to consumers that our product meets high quality requirements.


This comes to testify sufficiently that the slogan built on Quality (Enjoy Quality, Savourez la Qualité) is not an empty one and thus pushes us to more ardour at work in order to win for subsequent editions the Grand Gold Medal Award aimed for the greatest satisfaction of our consumers

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