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Plant Director UCB

Mr Adebayo Ajewole, a seasoned brewer and an experienced manager stepped into UCB in 2010 when the company needed a turn around, and new production tools.


Being a game changer and change agent, he and his team relentlessly and consistently moved the production unit to an acceptable level, able to continuously withstand competition from the other rival food processing units in Cameroon.


Right up to 2010 the production unit was getting outdated. This made the production unit unable to exploit its full potential and deliver the various products which consumers cherished so much. Mr. Ajewole therefor saw this as an opportunity for him to raise this company to a higher level come 2020.


By 2015, he took the first step by implanting a new packaging glass bottling line with a higher capacity of crates production per day, and increased the capacity of the brewing cellar and utilities into highly modern and robust units.


Three years later the production unit saw the birth of the Second Bottling Packaging Line with an additional capacity of crate production per day. This was accomplished together with both a modern well-equipped raw material warehouse and quality assurance laboratory. As at now a high standard Silo and PET line is under construction and after this the production unit is ready to face rivalry from other breweries.


Transforming an old production unit into a modern one requires a huge financial investment; Mr. Ajewole saw the need to raise the human resources to an optimal capacity so that they could operate and handle this investment. Since 2014 he started transforming his personnel making sure they are intellectually and industrially fit to operate and can take proper care of these expensive units. Experts were employed to drive these units, while series of in-house trainings, coaching and professional trainings are ongoing in order to equip the human capital to operate the units using World Class standard and best practices.


By 2018 all this earned the brewery an ISO certification and our consumers continue to be increasingly satisfied with our products and its quality.


One could boldly say Mr Adebayo Ajewole, MD UCB Douala gently and relentlessly transformed the production tool from a scrap to an Eldorado within his eleven years at the helm of UCB. The consumers of UCB products have expanded from a local regional scope to a national and international level and the numerous products are enjoyed with an unquenchable taste.


We shall forever miss his steady and gentlemanly smile during his morning and afternoon walks round the brewery.


May your gentle soul Rest in Peace.

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