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Group Marketing Director

What is the best way to honour a man with such impact on people? The adjectives to describe the late illustrious man are numerous, but, among which his most outstanding traits were undoubtedly his sense of active listening, observation, and a certain diplomacy and empathy which did not take away from his firmness when it came to giving directions.


His courtesy, his balance and his humility will continue to be praised by his former collaborators who were undoubtedly touched by him. In his undeniable ability to lead people and the entire organization towards the achievement of its objectives, Mr. AJEWOLE showed, without a doubt, remarkable leadership.


He clearly understood the poet’s quote, that is, “to command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less”. And it is precisely for the services rendered to all and to everyone that his memory will remain indelible.


We’re now filling pages to express how important and impactful you were for all of us Boss. But those who know who Ajewole Ikeola Adebayo was, know it for real.


Farewell, Great Man.

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