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By Jean-Pierre TIEMANI,

Financial Director 

To succeed, you have to work - To work, you have to try. And to strive, one must have the will.


Union Camerounaise des Brasseries (UCB) through its emblematic brand KADJI BEER has imposed itself over the last few years as a major player through the will of its founder and managers.


The facts speak for themselves. These facts are the fruit of the vision of a creative, enterprising and innovative man, Joseph KADJI DEFOSSO. A man of integrity who strived for the achievement of this goal, for the recognition of this ambition. Great men at the forefront of which was Mr. AJEWOLE Adebayo, a kind man and a manager motivated by efficiency & effectiveness.


It is thanks to the work of a whole qualified and committed staff with a shared vision, but it is above all thanks to the perspicacity, the efficiency and the tenacity of this determined man for a job well done who knew how to capture the vision of the promoter in the most beautiful way over a good period of time, and to involve his collaborators in it with method and rigor.


The founder KADJI DEFOSSO sowed the seeds and laid the foundations for excellence, and Mr. AJEWOLE has never ceased to maintain and water this garden so that UCB is what it is today, and that ‘Kadji Beer’ represents Cameroon as it does today.


Our General Manager had an unparalleled devotion, extreme courage and contagious dynamism. Always smiling to convey good humor, he had a strong taste for work well done and a particular pedagogy in sharing knowledge and experience. For him, only the work counted and only the performance proved that one had worked. He was able to make employees understand that the real boss of each person was his work that the real salary of each person was the satisfaction he got from his work and that self-evaluation was more important than evaluation.


Mr. AJEWOLE spent ten years at UCB, but considering the progress of the company and its numerous achievements in terms of modernization of the production tool, development of human capital and distribution, one can easily believe that he spent his whole life at the company. Every second of his time was devoted to his work, and because he was relentless in his efforts to do a good job, every second spent on this work was converted into an output. So, the important thing in a professional life is not how much time you put into your job, but what you do with that time while at your job. This is another lesson impacted on us by the departed.


We can cry and mourn, but we must do more to safeguard his legacy and memory by striving to be as close as possible to him and his ideals through the way we work, through our devotion to performance and through our involvement for the overall vision of the company. His mind will flourish knowing that those he left behind and loved so much honor him with work, and that what he accomplished as a task has continued to flourish. So it is through our work and our involvement in the success of UCB which took a good part of his life that we have to prove that we love him, as well as by perpetuating all that was positive in him.

As Antoine de Saint Exupery said, what gives meaning to life also gives meaning to death, one who understands life must also learn to understand death because the two go hand in hand.


After our Patriarch Joseph KADJI
DEFOSSO, it is our Managing Director Adebayo AJEWOLE who is leaving us. We must continue to believe in their strength of intervention in the success of this enterprise because they are Africans, it is a Cameroonian and African enterprise and, as Africans, the dead are not dead.


The loss of Mr. Adebayo AJEWOLE plunges us into great sadness and deep consternation. We mourn him, while praying for the repose of his soul, our MD, our brother and our friend, and we extend our deepest condolences to his family and to his nation that has lost a valiant son.


Honoring a dead man is not to mourn him eternally, but to continue his positive works for the benefit of humanity. What Mr. AJEWOLE had in terms of skills, he gave through the love he shared and the joy he distilled with a smile on his face. And what he had in the way of know-how, he put them at the service of others for their training, their success and their development. We all benefited, UCB benefited, Cameroon and Nigeria benefited and Africa is the ultimate winner.


May Mr. AJEWOLE Adebayo go to what awaits him, and the peace of our ancestors be with him.

Above all, let him know that we will never forget him.

Go, my Managing Director, alongside your Ancestors, and may you rest in their protection.

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