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►Incorporated on July 14, 1999 and commenced operations in October 2004 by the late Patriarch FU’A TOULA KADJI DEFOSSO to whom we pay a great tribute, SCC is one of 9 flour mills operating in Cameroon. Located in the Industrial Zone on the banks of the Wouri side of BONABERI, it covers about 20,000 square meters.

The location of the factory building is strategic because it has provision for the construction of a quay that allows ships to berth close by and for the grains to be moved into the 6 Silos totaling 30,000 tons in capacity that is presently on ground, with the provision of additional 2 platforms that can support yet another 10,000 tons capacity Silos.

Our installed flour milling capacity of 250Tonnes per day is grossly under-utilized, though sufficient to fill up to 10% of the market demand, but due to prolonged infringements in the plant, SCC had not lived up to the required expectations. Our products are scarce and not feasible in the market, these issues are presently being addressed and we are optimistic that going forward we shall be able to re-position our brands back to the market to the complete satisfaction of our teeming users who crave for our Flour, the colorful days shall soon return. The 50 Tons per day corn milling plant is also not spared.

The blending of durum and soft wheat is the practice in Cameroun, the combinations of the efforts of our people, the plant and raw materials employed gives us very good quality flour products that we are always proud of. We offer to the market through direct sales to wholesalers and bakers 3 types of flour brands:

  • Premium flour called K-BREAD

  • Mid range flour called PAIN DORE

  • Donuts flour called MAKALA

Our plant being one of the small ones around, our staff strength presently stands at 82 people distributed in 4 directions (Commercial, Production, Technical and Administrative and Financial). We operate regularly with shift and external handlers.

Planned regular maintenance and the periodic fumigation of the plant ensure an insect free environment, and secure the quality of our Products.

The infrastructures at the facility are as follows

  • Plants, machineries and equipment for off-loading grains

These are specialized heavy equipment used in sucking the wheat grains from the vessels, directly into trucks for delivery or into conveyors, through which the grains are transferred into the Storage Silos. The equipment is usually mobile in design, complete with generator, suction pump, aspirators and conveyors. They are usually called by the designers’ name. Ours is a 250 Tons/hrBerga plant.

  • Storage silos for receiving grains

These are structures designed to store grains and other materials in bulk or powder form. Ours are the cylindrical types made of special alloy coated steel materials. We have 6 nos of 5000 Tons capacity each.

  • Storage bins for finished products

These are structures designed to store powder or granular materials in bulk. Ours are the cylindrical types made of treated sheet metals with metal supports to firm the entire structure. We have 10 nos of 80 Tons capacity each.

  • Drying plant and equipment

This plant consisting of heating chambers for grain drying, elevator, conveyor and holding vat (silo) is employed for the drying requirement of corn grains before processing for milling.

  • Water treatment plant

The water used in dampening the wheat after the first cleaning to raise the wheat to the desired moisture level is usually treated by a filtering system, and addition of essential chemicals in this plant.

  • Milling machines for the processing of the grains into Flour

Flour Milling is a complex repetitive process of converting the Wheat into Flour, the dirty wheat or raw wheat from the Storage silos are blended in the required ratio (depending on targeted product) then conveyed to the Cleaning House, where the impurities (chaff, stones, metals, and others) are removed before some quantity of measured or calculated water is sprayed to the cleaned wheat as required. The so dampened wheat is left in the storage bins (Conditioning Bins) for hours (12 to 24 depending on the hardness of the blend) to sufficiently allow the added water to permeate into the cleaned wheat. The dampened wheat is conveyed to the mill for milling, various machines used in the process here includes the Roller Mills, Plan sifters, Airlocks, Bran Finishers, Detachers, Blowers, Conveyors, Filter Assembly, Suction Fans and Scales. This process converts the milled wheat into Flour, and Bran (SON and Remoulage)

  • Milling machines for the processing of corn into grist

The process is similar to the wheat milling process, but shorter and more complex, necessitating fewer machines.

  • Laboratory

The laboratory is the facility that provides a complete and continues quality checks on the raw materials, production, and finished products to guaranty that quality parameters are maintained as set by management as specified in the standards set by the regulatory authorities. The machines in our Lab include: the Lab Mill, Lab sifters, Alveograph machine, Ash burner, Falling No machine, and Inframatic machine.

  • Bakery

A small in-house bakery stuffed with a Dough Mixer, a moderate size Oven, Dough Proofing chamber, cutting table and Presser. The Baker confirms the baking quality of our products before sending them out to the trade.

  • Computer monitoring and panel rooms

The milling operations are monitored and controlled by an integrated PLC system of Computer code named A.U. SUPERVISOR that has inputs from all the production scales; the B1 Scale, Flour Scale, SON Scale, and the Remoulage Scale. The Panel Rooms houses the panels, and all the control units in plant.

  • Weighing Station

The weighbridge captures the weights of our incoming supplies and our deliveries.

  • Machines and equipment for bagging finished products and the by-products

The Carousel (4-spouts) bagging machine is used to bag the Flour products (25kg & 50kg sacs), Single spout bagging machines are used to bag the by-products in 30kg – Remoulage and 40kg – SON. Conveyors and Stitching machines also present there.

  • Maintenance workshop

For the maintenances of the Mills, and the entire Plant, our Maintenance team operates from their workshop equipped with both electrical and mechanical tools and apparatus, these includes: Work benches, Table vices, Drilling machines, Grinding machines, Welding machines, and tool boxes.

  • Administrative office block

This is the offices block housing the operational offices for the management, accounting, commercial, and IT■

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