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►During the past decade, UCB has seen a substantial market share growth going from single to double digits. One of the major components of this progress has been the upgrade of our technical assets and infrastructures which is continuously allowing us to meet our customer’s needs at an affordable price.

As far as I can remember, it started in 2013 when Fu’a Toula decided to acquire a new bottling line to modernize the brewery. This decision started a chain of reaction that literally shaped the course of business for years. Once this new line was installed in January 2015, it gave us confidence and more appetite. This was the single move that unravelled the will to do more because the market responded well. Fast forward 5 years and UCB has been completely renewed from raw material handling, to brewhouse, utilities and more.

The acquisition of new machines and renewal of our industrial infrastructure is driving better results and more importantly quality. Now we always get positive feedback about the quality of product although not yet available everywhere. The consumers want more and we must find ways to provide more. This entails the need to find a way to increase our productivity while sustaining the quality of our products.

Technical innovation is not only the acquisition of new machines and new technology but it is also the proper training our work force. We massively invested in our people to make sure they acquire the necessary skills and competency to operate and maintain the machines. One can spend billions on new equipment but without proper human capital training, it is money thrown down the sink. Therefore, the innovation starts with our women and men working tirelessly to provide you with the best Cameroonian beer.

However, we must remember how far we come from and having the luxury to invest was not always the case. Our management have put tremendous effort into gearing this company towards excellence. It starts from setting a vision and will that drives the process. Although it is a long process, the little wins have grown our confidence bigger and the results are visible. The leadership of Nicole KADJI is proven. But that’s another article on its own.

I would like to take this stage to thank my team that has worked their tail off for the past 5 years. At one point, there were no Sundays, no holidays but only results. Not many people can sacrifice so much if they don’t believe in a better tomorrow. Thanks to an exceptional leadership.

To put in all in perspective, the customer decision is our main concern and the various investments are here to make sure they are addressed. The recent technological upgrades have propelled UCB to become one of the major players in the Cameroonian market. A statement of our consumers trust that binds to strive for more ■

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