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May, 2023

Creative Director Raise Your Glass Film

UCB@50 is the celebration of a great man, Joseph Kadji Defosso, and the vision he birthed. It is also the celebration of a proudly Cameroonian institution - one that has transcended five decades, produced several quality brands and touched, empowered, inspired millions along the way. 


The story of UCB is a celebration of that indomitable spirit that sees Cameroonians thrive every day, against all odds, in pursuit of their dreams. 


Anchored on the theme, “Raise Your Glass,” the 50th anniversary campaign is a celebration of Cameroon’s most successful indigenous brewery and all the people who are an integral part of this success story – from stakeholders, team members and partners to the millions of consumers across the country who choose UCB’s quality brands every day. 


The official launch of the celebration was preceded by a teaser, which invited everyone to fill their glasses in preparation for the big occasion. 
This was quickly followed by a 60-second “Raise Your Glass” film. 


The film tells the story of a bar owner, a relatively young man with a wife and a little boy, whose business takes off in the 70s. We see this bar owner grow through the years as his business evolves. As his customers raise their glasses to him, he raises his glass to them in recognition of their common journey. Many years later, the old man is no longer running the bar but sits as a customer. He raises his glass to his son, now a grown man, who smiles back at him with the confidence of one who is ready to carry the legacy into the future. 


The story is as much a metaphor for UCB’s journey as it is for the story of millions of people across Cameroon.


The voice over delivers an evocative message with the following words: 


Being a proudly Cameroonian business
our journey is one we share with millions of people across this great country
People who choose our brands every day
People united by our common work ethic
People who share our deep love for this nation
And that indomitable spirit that sees us reach for our dreams
And never back down.
Our story inspires them
And, year after year, their stories inspire us.
So, as we raise our glass to UCB at 50, we also raise our glass to every Cameroonian making us proud
Here’s to you
And here’s to a bright future for us all.
Bravo Cameroon! Raise your glass with pride.


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Directed by Dr Nkeng and his Cameroon Phase Entertainment team, the production was a testament to Cameroonian ingenuity as it required an exceptional level of skill across make-up, costumery and set design to recreate different periods through 5 decades. 


The campaign, which featured several Cameroonian celebrities, creatives and achievers, was a collaboration between a passionate UCB team, exciting young talent from across Cameroon and SO&U, a leading African creative agency. 
As we bask in the afterglow of what has been 50 amazing years of UCB, we raise our glass to everyone who has been a part of that journey - the amazing people who go to work for us every day; the millions of Cameroonian customers and consumers who raise our brands every day; and especially to the original visioner – Joseph Kadji Defosso. The inspiring founder may no longer be with us, but his legacy continues to grow from strength to strength. 


Just as the bar owner in the Raise Your Glass commercial passed on the baton to the next generation, Cameroon has every reason to be excited at the promising future ahead of this great company. 


So, as we raise our glass to the past fifty years of UCB, here’s to the next fifty… and the fifty after that. 


Bravo, Team UCB! Raise your glass with pride!

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